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Hacer Kiroglu, artwork, contemporary art, malevich, black square, silent square, pasaj, art exhibition



Graphite pencil on paper

50 x 50 cm

In a traditional Russian household the religious icon is placed in the right corner of the living room. Upon entering the house this icon is to be venerated first, even before greeting the host.When Kazimir Malevich exhibits his famous Black Square in 1915 for the 0.10 exhibition in Moscow, he decides to use the same sacred placement as the traditional Russian icon: in the upper right corner of the room.

The work Silent Square consists of dense charcoal lines that Hacer Kıroğlu draws in a rhythmic motion on paper. The work is placed in that same sacred spot both referring to Malevich’ hanging of the black square and the placement of the icon in the traditional Russian house. The paper is filled with the residue of the sound that escaped while making the traces. Hacer left an empty square representing the silence and inactivity contrasting the traces of sound and motion.

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